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Chris Conley Headed To Kansas City

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone's favorite Star Wars fan film director and vertical jump master is a Chief. Kansas City made Conley the 76th pick in the third round, giving them a physically impressive receiver who is even more impressive off the field.

It's like this: talking to Chris Conley is a great reminder of exactly what a schmuck you were in college. The guy is an advocate for college athletes, a musician, film enthusiast, involved member of his community, and an eloquent and insightful interviewee.

It would be unfair to say that Conley had a disappointing career in Athens. In fact, he was solidly productive, playing consistently over the 2011-2014 seasons, amassing 1938 yards on 117 catches. That 16.6 yard average per catch over his career is a decent indicator of Conley's downfield potential. Another indicator is the 20 TDs he scored in those 117 touches, better than one in every six catches.

Frankly Chris Conley's stats aren't more gaudy partially because there's only one football. And when you have Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb in the backfield you give it to them. That's not a knock on Conley or anyt other member of the Bulldogs' 2014 receiving corps. But with new starter Hutson Mason under center Mike Bobo did the safest thing he could, giving the ball to the stud tailbacks.

2012 and 2013 strike me as much better representations of Conley's abilities. Now he'll be reunited with college teammate Aaron Murray, and look to provide the Chiefs offense with an additional big play weapon. He'll also provide their locker room with a helluva guy. Congrats Chris. Congrats Chiefs, and ...

Go 'Dawgs!!!