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NFL Draft 2015 Night Two: Where The Action Is

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Night two the NFL draft kicks off at 7 PM this evening on both ESPN and the NFL Network. Night one saw Todd Gurley become the latest Bulldog selected in the top 10, but also saw the ACC and PAC 12 outdistance the SEC in total number of selected players. Alabama's Landon Collins was probably the only major prospect who seems to have inexplicably dropped out of the first round, a fairly tame result given previous years. It was also the first first round in some time which was not slowed, rerouted, and discombobulated by trade action.

Night two will bring us rounds two and three, though it is unlikely that the number of Bulldogs selected will rise significantly. Chris Conley is the only Dawg whom I have seen routinely pegged with 2nd/3rd round draft grades, due in large part to his exceptional combine performance. That is not to say that some team might not have really been impressed with the likes of Amarlo Herrera, Ramik Wilson, or Boss Andrews through the evaluation process and take a flyer on those guys. But I think it more likely we will see a host of Bulldogs taken tomorrow in rounds 4 through 7,, as well as several more sign as undrafted free-agent's through the weekend and into Monday.

For now this is the place for all your draft-related conjecture, poo-pooing of picks who did not matriculate in the Classic City, and snide Roger Goodell quips. If you're seriously interested in NFL football, you know that this is the portion of the program at which winning teams are actually built. Let's see what happens. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!