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Final Four Open Comment Thread

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The college basketball season is officially coming down the home stretch. After tonight's action the national title game matchup will be set. Michigan State takes on Duke at 6:09 eastern on TBS, with Wisconsin and Kentucky to follow thereafter.

Michigan State might be labelled the "surprise" team in the group based on their #7 seed, but let's be honest: it's no surprise to see this team in the Final Four, especially given how well they've played collectively down the stretch. That being said, Coach K is 8-1 all time against Tom Izzo. That sort of statistic probably means more to us than it does to the guys on the floor, but it's still pretty darned impressive.

Kentucky will once again place their undefeated season on the line against the Wisconsin Badgers. If there's one team left in the tournament capable of matching Kentucky's size and athleticism it's Wisconsin, led by national player of the year Frank Kaminsky, who does not look at all like a gangly, younger Pete Townshend. Not even a little bit. Most oddsmakers have the Wildcats installed as a 5 point favorite. But to be honest, this Wisconsin team has impressed me more and more as the tournament has progressed. And this week they've seemed so loose and relaxed you'd think they were the favorite. The question remains: will the weight of history ever come crashing down on Coach Calipari's young team? This might be the night for it. Let's watch and see.

Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!