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Todd Gurley Headed To St. Louis

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams made Todd Gurley the thirty-first University of Georgia football player selected in the first round of the NFL draft tonight when they snagged him with the 10th overall selection.

Gurley may or may not be ready for training camp in August, but when healthy he has been the kind of dominant collegiate player who could be a long term fixture in the NFL. Sure Gurley is a phenomenal athletic talent. He's bigger, faster, and more agile than any man has any right to be. But he's also more than that. He's a quiet leader who takes care of business. He's known among teammates for being humble and mentally tough. If you're going to make it in the League, those are good attributes to have. You got a great one, Rams fans. I present to you . . . your moment of Gurley: