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How To Watch The 2015 NFL Draft

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Months of speculation and subterfuge come to an end tonight as the NFL Draft convenes in Chicago. Over the course of tonight's first round 32 large young men will take the next step toward becoming large young millionaires, in line for nice signing bonuses which nevertheless do absolutely nothing to guarantee that they'll become perennial NFL superstars.

Todd Gurley is the only eligible Georgia Bulldog likely to hear his name called this evening as mock drafts are slotting him in between the 12th and 28th picks. SB Nation's own final mock has Gurley going to the Arizona Cardinals at #24.

What: The 2015 NFL Draft

When: 8:00 p.m.

Where: The somewhat redundantly named Auditorium Theater in Chicago.


Both ESPN and the NFL Network will televise the even live. ESPN will have Chris Berman, NFL Network Rich Eisen. I'm watching NFL Network because I'm too poor to buy a new TV after Berman causes me to go all Elvis to his Robert Goulet.

Streaming will stream the event as well, and if I understand correctly the stream will feature additional expert analysis not seen on the regular TV broadcast, if that's your particular brand of toothpaste.