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It's the deep, dark heart of the offseason, when there's not really a whole lot of football or basketball news hitting the wires. But there's still college sports stuff (and other tidbits) out there to be found if you look hard enough. We bring you those in Slow News Day Tuesday. Today's headlines.

Georgia's Mark Richt named to new NCAA Football Oversight Committee -
Coach Richt is the only college football coach on the NCAA's new Football Oversight Committee. Dennis Dodd does a decent job of explaining what the committee is in this link. I'd say that it's basically the committee that oversees all other committees. And while the unit itself may wield a lot of power, as the only coach I imagine Coach Richt's job may be to raise coaches' valid (and invalid) concerns so that they can be considered and ultimately rejected by the suits who make up a sound majority of the votes.

Fluctuations in Aid Allowances Raise Questions of Fairness in Athletics - Athletics - The Chronicle of Higher Education
After a court decision ruling that schools must account for the "full cost of attendance" in figuring scholarship amounts, a predictable arms race has begun to have higher costs of attendance. Auburn of course is leading the way in creatively handing out money to college football players. But the bigger issue for me is that fact that schools are jotting and tiddling over a couple of hundred bucks of pizza money per player while continuing to cash ever larger TV and merchandising checks. As Kasey Musgreaves put it, same trailer, different park.

"Regardless of the front seven, if the secondary plays well, we'll win every game"
Bob Stoops' new defensive backs coach has an interesting theory about defensive football. It's laughably incorrect. But interesting.

2015 NFL mock draft: Finding a consensus on 32 picks -
This week's SBNation mock draft mock pulled together 20 drafts from around the Internet in an attempt to find common ground. For some picks, it worked. For others, it was a complete disaster. Todd Gurley seems to be getting a lot of play at #24 for the Arizona Cardinals. But it's worth noting that after his knee checked out at the Combine he's now showing up in some projections as high as the mid-teens. My thought: if Gurley gets into the twenties some team will have gotten a steal on a franchise running back.

That's the news that's fit to print this morning. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!