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McElwain And Muschamp Go Through The Motions.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow I missed it over the weekend, but apparently former Florida coach Will Muschamp and current head Gator Jim McElwain are finally getting around to doing that thing that successors and predecessors do in the coaching biz: poor-mouthing what was left behind in response to the prior guy talking about all that he built. It's a time-honored tradition, throwing the last guy under the bus. A rite of passage, if you will.

It's obviously to McElwain's benefit to buy as much time as he can in Gainesville. A bit of a narrative has taken hold among Florida fans about how the latter years of the Urban Meyer era saw flagging talent and Muschamp continued (and perhaps deepened) the slide. That being said, The Swamp has never been the place to find the SEC's most patient and forgiving fans. Since the Gators began playing football in 1990, their fans have expected excellence. So McElwain would be wise to manage expectations from the get-go. And the guy who just got tossed out on his ear is obviously a great target.

But here's the thing: those who know have been saying for some time that Florida's talent was too thin. I don't think that'd a recruiting problem. Florida's been recruiting the same guys as everyone else in the SEC and getting their share. From 2012 to 2014 the Gators averaged a ranking of 5.67 in the 247Sports national recruiting rankings. Only Alabama, Georgia, and LSU were also in the top 10 each of those years. Only the Crimson Tide averaged a higher ranking. So while fans will read McElwain's comments as "Muschamp couldn't recruit" in reality he's saying something far more inflammatory in the coaching ranks: Muschamp couldn't (or didn't) develop players, especially on offense. Anyone who's watched the Gator receivers and running backs over the past few years would find that hard to argue with.

Take advantage of the prevailing narrative for as long as you can, Jim. Eventually Florida fans will notice how you look like a slightly more sane Gary Busey. And they'll expect you to win 10 games a year. But mostly the Busey thing.