An Open Letter Reply to Chris Conley

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Dear Chris,

When my fellow Dawg Sports community member 05movingalum shared your open letter to the Bulldog Nation, I knew I had to read it. I've done this before, but figured one good letter to a DGD deserved another, so here goes.

Where do I even begin? You have been a symbol of everything the University of Georgia stands for from the moment you stepped on campus: class, dignity, hard work, service and commitment. We often throw around the slogan "Commit to the G." Well, Chris, I can't think of many people who have committed to the G in more ways than you. You have represented our alma mater in ways that only a select few can do, and I thank you for that.

I thank you for the incredible memories you gave us on the field. As many Georgia fans were lamenting the Dawgs just barely missing out on the national title game at the end of the 2012 season, you were focused on doing things like this in the bowl game. I will come to blows with anyone who argues that this was not the best catch of the 2013 season. This one wasn't too shabby either. I am thankful to have been able to celebrate this one, but boy was it tough that night knowing that it could have been your last in a Georgia uniform.

I thank you for representing UGA and the SEC with class and distinction. Not everyone shares your phenomenal commitment to service. We appreciate you being an ambassador for our university and its football program and for committing so much of your time, energy and talents to it.

I thank you for the strong example you have set for the younger generation of Bulldog fans. You stand by what you believe, doing so with the highest level of grace and maturity. You commit countless hours of the day to ventures that better you as an athlete, a student and a man.

I thank you for constantly finding new ways to entertain us and make us proud of you. I knew you were a man of many talents, but wow, Chris, just wow...

Chris, I know this letter cannot adequately voice the gratitude that the Bulldog Nation owes you for your amazing UGA career. My hope is that it lets you know that we, the "'true dawgs' who bleed red and black," as you say in your letter, appreciate you way more than simple words and hyperlinks can express. We are tremendously proud of you and will miss you more than you can even begin to imagine. To us you are so much more than one of the best receivers in the rich history of Georgia football; you represent all that is right with collegiate athletics. You have proven throughout your distinguished academic and athletic career that whatever the Lord's will for you is, you are up to the challenge.

I look forward to cheering you on throughout the next stage of your career, be it blowing the doors off of NFL cornerbacks or eventually having your hand- and footprint forever memorialized outside of the Chinese Theatre. Heck, based on your track record, why not both?!

So thank you, good luck, God bless and Go Dawgs! May the Force be with you.

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