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Friday's Sweet Sixteen Schedule And Preview.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We're halfway to identifying the Elite 8, and after watching Notre Dame shoot the lights out, Wisconsin come back, and Kentucky beat West Virginia in a fashion that should be forbidden by the Geneva Convention, tonight's games look to be just as entertaining.

The action tips off on CBS with #2 Gonzaga taking on #11 UCLA at 7:15. No one had UCLA getting this far, and I'm not an outlier there. I do however have Gonzaga going all the way to the title game. After watching the Zags take Georgia's absolute best shot earlier this year and still win comfortably, I'm a believer in the guys from the Pacific Northwest.

TBS has the second tipoff of the evening at 7:37 as Louisville takes on 8 seed NC State in an all-ACC affair. If Duke prevails later in the evening, the conference could put three teams in the final 8. Not bad at all.

#1 Duke takes on #5 seed Utah at 9:45 (ish) on CBS in a gamein which outside observers will almost certainly be pulling for da five Utes.

And finally at 10:07 (again, "ish") 3 seed Oklahoma will take on Bulldog-killing Michigan State. I’ve got Michigan State prevailing in this one, in no small part because of my standing policy of never picking a Tom Izzo-coached team to not make the Sweet Sixteen.

So pull up a chair, hang out, and enjoy yourselves. Bonus question: Name the best basketball movie of the past 30 years that isn’t Hoosiers. And . . . Go ‘Dawgs!!!!