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Kirby Choates And His Family Will Remind You Why National Signing Day Is Awesome

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Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

National Signing Day: Interview With UGA Signee Kirby Choates from Radi Nabulsi on Vimeo.

Rivals posted this cool interview with defensive back signee Kirby Choates and his family following his emotional signing today. If you aren't rooting for this guy, I don't know what to think about you as a person. As his mother notes, he'll be the first in his generation of his family to go to college. His dad is thrilled to be driving to Athens to see his son play ball, and sounds like he'd be headed toward Clarke County tomorrow if he could. In case your metro Atlanta geography knowledge is lacking, Choates's high school is in East Point. Out by the airport. I assure you, not a lot of Kirby's classmates will be strolling the tree-lined sidewalks of Baxter, Lumpkin, and Milledge. That's a whole different discussion for another place and time.

Choate is a born Bulldog. He's wanted to wear the red and black since he started playing football. And while that doesn't make him any taller or faster, it does remind you that not every recruit is making a "business decision." Some are actually still living out their childhood dream. And that will never be anything but cool. Give 'em heck, Kirby. We're rooting for you. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!