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Bracketology: Georgia still in good shape despite loss to South Carolina

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Despite Saturday's loss at South Carolina, Georgia still appears at this point to be in good shape for an NCAA Tournament birth.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

There is still a lot of basketball left to be played but at this point, Georgia appears to be in good shape for an NCAA Tournament birth despite Saturday's loss at South Carolina. The Bulldogs are 14-6 overall and 5-3 in conference play. They are 27th in RPI entering Tuesday's game against undefeated Kentucky.

Georgia's recent five-game winning streak had them sitting just outside of the AP's Top 25 poll. Most of this week's NCAA Tournament projections see Georgia as anywhere from a seven to nine seed.

Jerry Palm, (8-seed)

Georgia slides back to an eight seed in the East region in Jerry Palm's latest bracket projection. The Bulldogs would square off against Tulsa in the opening round and would face a potential match up against Virginia in the next.

Joe Lunardi, (8-seed)

Georgia holds steady as an eight seed in the East in Lunardi's latest projection. The Bulldogs would face Dayton before matching up against No. 1 seed Virginia should they advance.

Brad Evans, Yahoo! Sports (11-seed)

The Bulldogs take a tumble after Saturday's loss in Brad Evans' latest bracket rankings. Evans has Georgia as an 11-seed and just ahead of Iowa, Old Dominion and Texas A&M.

Shelby Mast, USA Today (7-seed)

Finally USAToday's Shelby Mast projects the Bulldogs at the 7-seed in the East region and delivers a match up against 10-seed Colorado State.

A loss at Kentucky on Tuesday won't likely damper Georgia's tournament hopes but they will need to get things straightened out quickly and most importantly get healthy. The Bulldogs have put themselves in good position but there is still plenty of work left to be done.