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Q&A With Bulldog QB Commit Nick Robinson

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I had a chance yesterday to catch up with Nick Robinson, the talented southern California quarterback who will be joining the Georgia football team as a preferred walk-on this season. With Brice Ramsey getting solid snaps as a redshirt freshman, Jacob Park turning heads on the scout team during his own redshirt year, and 2016 pledge Jacob Eason ranked at the top of his position for the upcoming class, many assumed that Georgia wouldn't take a QB in this class. When news of Robinson's commitment broke, I thought it might be interesting to find out what would drive a kid with offers from schools like the University of San Diego and Florida Atlantic to commit to pay his own way at a school he'd never laid eyes on until a couple of weeks ago.

It's actually a cool story, and Robinson's a pretty cool customer. With all the guys who'll be announcing tomorrow with fireworks displays and live bears and 20 piece chorus lines, I thought it might be nice to first talk to a guy who's going to come in with zero fanfare, but clearly has his head on straight. I don't know if you'll get to cheer for Nick Robinson on Saturdays in Sanford Stadium, but I hope you'll root for him. ----MD

MD: Congratulations on your commitment, Nick. Are you actually signing on National Signing Day?

Nick: Yes sir.

MD: I understand there's an interesting story about how you first became interested in the University of Georgia.

Nick: Yeah. Actually my cousin is married to Jack Bauerle, the head swim coach, and he sort of introduced me to Georgia. Ever since he told me about it I kind of liked it. So I came down for the visit, got home, called Coach {Richt} and told him I was coming.

MD: At this point you're coming in as a preferred walk-on, has there been any talk about getting a scholarship for 2015 if one opens up?

Nick: All I know is I'm coming in now as a walk-on. But if down the road I end up playing, or playing real well, I don't know if I might get a scholarship. I'm not worried about that right now. All I'm focused on is coming in and competing.

MD: I understand that you were putting up some eye-opening numbers this year. What kind of final senior stats did you end up with?

Nick: I ended up throwing for 2,220 something yards with 22 touchdowns, and only 3 interceptions. I actually led Orange County in completion percentage at 69%. I was also co-MVP of the Trinity League with Josh Rosen (Editor's note: who some are picking to start next year as a true freshman at UCLA).

MD: What do you think is your biggest strength as a quarterback?

Nick: I would say my ability to manage the game. I feel like this year I did a really good job of not turning the ball over, having successful drives, and moving the chains.

MD: On the flip side, what's the thing that you most need to improve on as you head off to college?

Nick: I would say studying defenses more and learning how to pick them apart.

MD: Have you had a chance to talk to or get to know any of the Bulldog players?

Nick: Not a lot, but when I visited I was with Mike Tamburo, who's graduating this year. He was telling me about the school and everything. He's a very impressive guy.

MD: Have you had a chance to talk to Coach Schottenheimer? What were your impressions of him?

Nick: I really like Coach Schottenheimer. It's funny, one of my high school coaches, his son played for Coach Schottenheimer with the Jets and said great things about him. He seems like a really sharp coach, and a good family man as well.

MD: Nick, one final very important question as you prepare for your move to Georgia: Have you tried grits yet?

Nick: Have I tried what?

MD: Grits. Coursely ground, dried corn, served rehydrated with any variety of liquids. It's a delicacy.

Nick: Well then. I guess I'll be having a lot of grits when I get down there.

MD: Indeed. Is there anything else I haven't asked you about that you'd like Bulldog fans to know?

Nick: Just this: Go 'Dawgs!

You can see Nick's senior highlights below. There were quite a few:

My reaction? If they were coming out in the same class I would actually rank Robinson ahead of Faton Bauta. His mechanics and touch on the ball are better, and he has enough arm strength to be dangerous. As you'll note on plays like the touchdown run at the 2:52 mark, he's also got the wheels to be dangerous when the play breaks down, or in a read option package. I don't know that Robinson will start at Georgia, because he's going to have a lot of work to do to catch up to Ramsey (and perhaps Park), and he doesn't have the pure talent (size, arm strength) of Eason. But he's clearly a gamer, and a guy who could be plugged in if necessary in a pinch. Given that he's not using a scholarship, he's an absolute steal. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!