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Chris Conley Turns Heads At The NFL Combine In Indy

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This is what Chris Conley had to say about his trip to the NFL Draft Combine recently.

This is what combine observers had to say after Conley did his thing today.

The fact that Conley's a very gifted athlete is certainly not news to Bulldog fans, but I don't think even we could have predicted that he would tie the combine record in the vertical jump. Did Chris Conley make himself some money today? Quite possibly. It's not like there were any character or intelligence questions surrounding him coming in. If there's a knock on Chris Conley it would have to be that he's the type of Renaisance man who doesn't actually need to play football if he doesn't want to.

Conley also checked in at a solid 6'2 and 213 pounds, a good size for an NFL receiver. Conley's 4.35 frothy at that size however is well above the curve, and is what will likely entice some teams to consider just how high they're willing to go to snatch him. The areas of concern for Conley (route running, consistent use of his hands) are all things that he's gotten better at over time and can improve further with hard work and NFL coaching. Conley's not a guy who's afraid to work or take coaching, so you have to believe that he answered the most glaring questions he needed to today. Conley won't jump into the first round based on today's performance, but versatile receivers who can play X, Y, or Z are always a need in today's NFL. I wouldn't be surprised to see a team drop a third round selection on Chris to see if he can fill that role. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!