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Meet The New 'Dawgs. Same As The Old 'Dawgs.

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Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The official University of Georgia Twitter feed included the above picture of players being introduced to new running backs coach Thomas Brown and new player relations coordinator Jonas Jennings. While the two have never coached together, and their playing careers in the Classic City didn't overlap, they're linked by the fact that they're among the latest in a long line of former letter men moving into the staff ranks at Georgia.

Chemistry is either the most overrated or most underrated thing in college football. On the one hand close knit teams whose members will do anything for each other certainly have some appeal. On the other, and fans probably hate to hear this, Amari Cooper was going to catch a lot of passes for Alabama last year even if he didn't know the walk on reserve long snapper's name. Which he may not have for all I know. When it comes down to it, there's no real measure of team chemistry, and even the closest football teams have fights at practice and guys who get picked on for their weird hair, and guys who some players don't even think should be on the team. That's the nature of a hyper competitive enterprise built around the testosterone-fueled exploits of twenty year old males.

But as far as the coaching staff goes, I don't think I was alone in having some real concerns about Mike Bobo's departure. Because as much as Bobo was a great quarterbacks coach (no one questions this), a successful offensive coordinator (those with a general understanding of mathematics generally accept this) and an outstanding recruiter, he was also a Georgia guy. Not a "Richt guy",  a Georgia guy. The son of a long-time south Georgia high school coach who knew everyone involved in football in the state, Mike Bobo was the kind of guy who helps hold your staff together. By the time he left for Colorado State Bobo had spent 21 of the preceding 22 years in Athens. How important is that? I'm honestly not sure yet. May never be. Again, it's hard to say what chemistry is worth, but it's not hard to say that Mike Bobo helped with it.

And that's why it's probably not a bad thing for Coach Richt to now have the likes of Jennings, Brown, and of course Bryan McClendon on staff. To keep some connection to his early years in Athens. And to the University itself. In this day of the mercenary college assistant there's something noble about all the dyed in the wool Bulldogs around Athens these days. Having said that, life will be a lot easier for all of them if they win a lot of football games. Welcome back, guys.