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Tony Ball interviewing with LSU

It slowly trickled out a couple days ago, but today saw a little more steam in the rumor of WR coach Tony Ball possibly headed to Baton Rouge to coach the LSU Tigers as Seth Emerson and New Orleans' Times-Picayune report Ball is interviewing with Les Miles and Bayou Bengal folks this morning.

Now, before the "look, your coach lies too!" stuff starts, let's note that Ball wasn't in position to discuss this when high school kids made their collegiate choices exactly one week ago, since the job wasn't available then.  It is available because Adam Henry bolted LSU's staff for the San Francisco 49ers in that now complained about fashion.

At first, recruits seemed a bit surprised, but you'd have to assume Mark Richt has spoken/texted/tweeted/whatever'd with each of them since to let them know where things stand.  (And speaking of tweeting recruits, thoughts and prayers go out to WR Terry Godwin, and all those around him and his family, as his dad begins chemo treatment today.)

As for what all this means, it's impossible to say right now.  Tony Ball has been tremendous at developing on field talent over the last several years, with Georgia constantly having well coached, good hands, good blocking, and good route running WRs.  He's among the best in the business at coaching guys up.  Of course, complaints about his recruiting have been growing.  Georgia just lost Van Jefferson and Darius Slayton in the final days and weeks of recruiting, and reportedly had to fight off late challenges for the above mentioned Godwin.  Georgia has missed on highly rated in-state names like Preston Williams, Demarcus Robinson, and others, rarely landing the widely regarded "top" WR prospect from the Peach State in their signing classes under Ball.  But then, those recruiting issues haven't exactly led to problems on the field where AJ Green, Chris Conley, Malcolm Mitchell, Michael Bennett, Kris Durham, and Tavarres King have excelled under his tutelage.  Or RBs like Knowshon Moreno, Thomas Brown, and Danny Ware before he shifted to WR coach in 2009.

Right now, no one knows if Ball will leave, or if he's interviewing in hopes UGA will up his salary too (several coaches just got raises, though Ball's name wasn't among those listed) since the recently departed  Henry made significantly more than Ball currently takes home.  So this may well be much ado about nothing.  Or he could join Les Miles' staff, leaving an opening for Mark Richt to fill as he retools his offense under Brian Schottenheimer.  Current RB coach Bryan McClendon played WR so one assumes he could shift roles easily to coaching his old position if need be, though he has been excellent with our RBs, maybe allowing the aforementioned Brown who's now coaching RBs at the University of Wisconsin to come back to Athens.  Charlotte has former Dawg QB Joe Tereshinki III coaching their WRs, and former Dawg WR Damien Gary coaching their RBs as more familiar faces with improving resumes should Mark Richt need a new coach.  And of course former Super Bowl MVP, and Georgia RB/QB/KR/WR Hines Ward caused a stir when he said coaching at Georgia was his "dream job". And that's just a small smattering of the options who'd be available if Georgia had either their RB or WR coaching job come open.  But again, that's an IF, because Tony Ball as of right now is still a Georgia football coach.