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Bulldog national nightmare over: Kirby Smart talks to DT recruit Derrick Brown

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We don't know the details (other than what you see above), but it appears that Kirby Smart is continuing his efforts to get in touch with key Bulldog recruits. Earlier today the AJC reported that Brown had still not heard from the new top 'Dawg, a worrisome sign for Bulldog fans worried that their new coach might let the state's top prospect for 2016 (and a rumored strong Bulldog lean) slip away out of sheer neglect.

Judging by what we've seen so far, Smart appears to have driven up to talk to Ben Cleveland, flown to meet with Jacob Eason and his family, talked to some other current Bulldog commits, and is now moving his way through major Bulldog targets after having also reached out to some of the young men he was recruiting for Alabama. There are still 11 days left in the current evaluation period, during which one hopes Smart will also name some key assistants and get them on the trail (or at least on the phone) as well.

Make no mistake, Kirby Smart has a reputation as a tenacious recruiter. Maybe the best recruiter of the state of Georgia in the SEC and the nation. He'll never be able to keep every one of the 100+ division one football players the state produces annually, but he's going to do a great job with that part of the position, especially now that he's actually selling staying home rather than leaving the state. Until later . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!