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Faton Bauta to transfer, won't play in bowl.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Junior quarterback Faton Bauta has announced that he will be transferring from the University of Georgia and will not play in the team's upcoming bowl game.  He has already graduated, and will transfer under the graduate transfer rule with one year left to play at his school of choice.

Sadly, Bauta's legacy in Athens will likely be that he started the game which now looks like the beginning of the end for Mark Richt.  That's unfortunate, because all he ever did was outwork everyone in practice, never get into trouble, and generally improve as the years progressed. When he signed out of West Palm Beach, Florida there were a lot of folks in recruiting circles who believed that Bauta was ticketed to move to another position like fullback.  His progress in Athens has actually been pretty sound, both in terms of mechanics and position-specific knowledge. However, he was not ready to start that ill-fated game in Jacksonville, and was not used well once the whistle blew. It's a shame, but I hope Faton finds a good home for next season. Coral Gables is less than two hours from West Palm Beach, right?

on the bright side, it looks like  The #10 jersey should be available in Athens in 2016 if Jacob Eason still wants it. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!