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Friday Open Thread: What's On Your Mind?

What a week. It's only Friday. Let's discuss.


The University of Miami is holding a press conference at 10:00 A.M. to formally introduce Mark Richt as the new Hurricanes head coach.  I am happy for the man, but this is going to be a tough thing (for many) to hear.

We are on the eve of Conference championship games and there is still a ton of jockeying around the college football landscape for coaching candidates who are weighing options. Could Will Muschamp take the South Carolina job?  Might there be some news regarding present coordinators on the Georgia staff or elsewhere?

At present, some recruits are being pulled in a million different directions, some are taking visits or are actually on the campuses of our rivals.  Certain Athletic Directors are feeling the heat and I have it from a very good authority that a Coke bottle will be holding a press conference in Tuscaloosa sometime this afternoon.

Just keep it SFW and on this day, crying is allowed.  Actually, it is encouraged.