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Tracy Rocker to be retained as defensive line coach?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports is citing sources (sources!) who indicate that Kirby Smart plans to retain Tracy Rocker on his new staff. Rocker, a former Auburn defensive lineman with experience coaching effectively in both college and the pros, came to Athens following Chris Wilson's departure for Southern Cal. He's coached a series of UGA defenders who have improved under his tutelage. He's also recruited extremely well, bringing in the nation's top defensive tackle in the 2015 class, Trenton Thompson. Rocker's also built strong relationships with several top 2016 prospects, including Lanier DT Derrick Brown, possibly the top player in the state.

If Rocker is retained it might lend credence to reports that interim defensive coordinator Kevin Sherrer has a shot at the permanent job. Rocker's retention and Sherrer's promotion have been  among the most persistent rumors regarding smarts staff. As the group rounds into shape it seems a little curious to me that so much of the prior staff is being retained. I believe that is a symptom of both the already close ties between the Georgia and Alabama football programs, and perhaps an acknowledgement that things were not that broken in Athens to begin with.