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How do you spell "relief"? E-A-S-O-N

Brice - I have some good news and some bad news
Brice - I have some good news and some bad news
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Easy E is Committed to the G

The Lake Stevens HS quarterback has reaffirmed his intention to enroll at the University of Georgia. In the process of graduating high school, Eason has already signed financial aid paperwork with UGA and will arrive on campus in January to begin the spring semester.

Here's what we think we're getting:

Some footage

And some more footage

Some have hailed Eason as the next Matthew Stafford and he is widely expected to immediately compete for the starting job under center. Whether he fulfills that promise for the 2016 version of the Georgia Bulldogs under new coach Kirby Smart remains to be seen.

And while one player does not make or break a program, it does help to have prospects for the most important position on the field. As we've learned, having deep competition at quarterback will usually give you the best option. Those who are probably most relieved are Greg McGarity - not because he thinks it is a linchpin for the 2016 season, but just for avoiding the likely vitriol and possible landscaping bill he would have received otherwise. And Kirby Smart is probably pretty relieved too, as he knows he at least has some options to look at in spring practice. Those who might not be too happy are Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey.

So while the rest of the crazy recruiting world continues to revolve, this is one Dawg we don't have to worry about. I think. And we can expect to hear a lot of this from @skinnyqb10....