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The Mark Richt Victory Watch: Episode 142, Snoopy, World Class Author Edition

The MRVW felt a damp chill and got cozy with a WildDawg.

Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

It was a dark and stormy night....all week long.  The culmination of the October of our discontent.  Sports media declared the Georgia Football program a dumpster fire.  Georgia had not scored a single touchdown in its last two games, settling instead for winning ugly against Mizzou, and losing horribly to arch-rival Florida.  Debates raged here & elsewhere about who exactly is responsible for the state of the program after 3 losses and 1 ugly win in October.  Rumors of infighting amongst the coaching staff and imminent firings persisted all week.  Both the Head Football Coach and the Athletic Director had to make public statements in an effort to quell the rising tide of rumors.  The month that started with #TheStorm ended with #FightTogether.  Reminding us that we are a family, a nation, we are one, and we #FightTogether - not each other.

When Saturday morning came, all of our coaches were in respective their places along with our team, they ready to take on the Wildcats.  There was more Wild Dawg than Wild Cat on Saturday as our Beloved Bulldogs earned their 6th win of the season, becoming bowl eligible for the 19th consecutive year*.  It is indeed a time to celebrate.  Whether or not the long road back begins here.

It is therefore my deepest honor and privilege to once again bring to you, the Mark Richt Victory Watch.

Coach Richt currently boasts a 142-51 record and a .7358 winning percentage.  At the identical juncture in their careers:

Coach Wally Butts was 117-67-9 (.6062) after a loss in the Plains to the Tiglesmen.

Vince Dooley and the 1981 Bulldogs featuring Herschel Walker had just won their first game of the season beating the Volunteers Between The Hedges and bringing Coach Dooley to an all-time record of 131-56-6 (.6788).

Mark Richt remains statistically head and shoulders above his historical coevals at the same point in their respective careers and the one man for whom I would leave my husband, Mr. Podunkdawg, should I be presented with such an opportunity.

As always . . .

Go 'Dawgs !!!

*The last time Georgia failed to be bowl eligible was 1996, under Jim Donnan.  Three of Vince Dooley's teams failed to win 6 games.