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15 Thoughts Takes Keith Marshall Off The Milk Carton

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We're showcasing our depth here at Dawg Sports, as I pitch in for DavetheDawg on this week's 15 Thoughts. There's a slight decrease in production as I'm only cranking out 6 key points from yesterday's win. But like the Bulldog offense, we're going to hope it's good enough to get the job done. In no particular order:

1) So that's where Keith Marshall went. His 13 carries and 60 yards were his most since the opener against Louisiana-Monroe. Richt noted after the game that this was also the first week in which he's played without a knee brace since his knee surgery.

2) At what juncture do we stop referring to Brice Ramsey as a quarterback who can punt and begin referring to him as a punter who can play a little quarterback? Ramsey is now averaging 44.7 yards per kick, which would be third best among SEC punters.

3) I don't dislike the idea of Terry Godwin in the Wildcat. Coach Richt said after the game that Godwin is very comfortable making the reads and handling the ball from his high school days, so we may see more of him there. Richt also hinted that there might be some pass plays worked into that package as well. Look, whatever moves the ball down the field, man.

4) The competition matters. The Georgia offensive front has looked awful against uniformly excellent front sevens from Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, and Florida. The 300 rushing yards for which they paved the way yesterday attest to what happens when they get to play against a less imposing unit.

5) How good is Dominick Sanders? Even with a broken hand, Sanders collected his team-leading third and fourth interceptions of the season.

6) Was this the best team Georgia will play in November? After last night one could probably make an argument for Auburn. But it's a close call. I think it's safe to say that if the Bulldog defense can play like it has since the Alabama game and the run game gets cooking, the 'Dawgs should be a favorite or even money in every game from here to the bowl game.

Feel free to add add your deepest thoughts in the comments section. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!