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Committed To The G: What's Pruitt Doing? Is It Really Working?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Committed To The G podcast returns this week in a slightly different incarnation. As many of you may have heard, long-time friend of the site Murf Baldwin recently shed some blocks, worked his way through the trash, and tackled a new position at He’s still talking Georgia football schemes and recruiting though.

Hopefully I’ll be joining him on the show shortly, but for today Murf’s joined by Rivals’ Trent Smallwood and they’re talking about what Jeremy Pruitt’s doing defensively, especially in the front seven. Spoiler: like a lot of things surrounding the Bulldog football program right now, it seems  to be in a state of flux. They also talk about players Georgia is (and isn’t recruiting) for the class of 2016 who could add a physical edge to the Bulldog defense, including one of my favorite players instate for the class, Roswell linebacker Tre Lamar.

Go 'Dawgs!!!