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Correction: Insanity Is Trying Something New Every Week

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tucked neatly into a practice report this afternoon from 247Sports's Jake Rowe was this little nugget.

Not going to make a hard proclamation on this because Georgia was mixing up the reps pretty good, but it appeared when I was watching the quarterbacks that Brice Ramsey was paired with a starter on every one of his reps. When they were going through some hand off drills and things of that nature with the running backs, he was with Sony Michel. When the quarterbacks were throwing to the tight ends, it was always Jeb Blazevich. I have no idea what that means, but it was interesting for sure.

If Brian Schottenheimer does in fact start Brice Ramsey against Kentucky on Saturday the Bulldog quarterback battle will have officially come full circle, with the preseason favorite finally getting the nod in the ninth game of the year. It's difficult at this point to imagine a more fitting or frustrating end to the game of QB roulette than for Ramsey to finally assume the starter's role and begin the on-the-job training we all expected him to get over the past two months. It still sounds like nothing official, but if Ramsey does get the nod the staff will once again find itself dogged by questions about why they took so long to find the right guy, or why they thought starting a third QB in three games was a good idea.

Incidentally, I'm fairly certain the Colorado (Matt Stafford), Ole Miss (Joe Cox), and Tennessee (Joe Tereshinski, III) games in 2006 were the last time Georgia started three different quarterbacks in three games. Somebody correct me if the Red and Black have been similarly indecisive in the intervening nine years if I'm wrong. About the best that can be said at this point is that if Ramsey gets the call he is unlikely to be worse than Faton Bauta was last week. That's it. That's the best I got. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!!