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Wednesday Polling: How Much Is Enough?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lively debate both here at Dawg Sports and across the Internet in the past few days about Mark Richt's future at the University of Georgia.  I've seen writers say that Georgia fans are unified in their desire to see the head 'Dawg leave town. I've seen them say that Richt has the support of a majority of Bulldog fans. I don't know that any of these folks has even bothered to actually ask anyone wearing red and black for his or her opinion.

So, before the pundits and national commentators continue to tell us what Georgia fans believe regarding his future I thought it might be instructive to ask actual Georgia Bulldog fans.  So I put it to you, Dawg Sports readers: what must Mark Richt's team do for the remainder of 2015 in order for you to feel comfortable with him keeping his post? As with all polls feel free to explain your thoughts in the comments below. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!