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Richt Talking To Maryland About Coaching Vacancy?

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

247Sports's Maryland affiliate is citing sources (#sources!!!) who report that Mark Richt has been contacted by Marylandabout their head coaching vacancy, and that an in-person meeting could occur as soon as tomorrow.

The good news for Georgia fans is that the Bulldogs likely now have the biggest open coaching vacancy. The bad news is that, as Ludakit pointed out this afternoon on Twitter, Mark Richt is also the hottest available candidate out there. These facts combined are very, very sad. I think we can expect Richt to be linked to almost every remotely attractive opening this offseason, and I'm glad. While Richt may or may not coach in 2016, I'd love for him to go somewhere far, far away, where he never coaches against Georgia but still has the chance to kick Georgia Tech in the nards once a year. Miami provides that opportunity. But it would be cool to see Richt make Maryland relevant again in football as well. Give 'em heck, Coach. And . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!