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All The Feels.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Maestro, the music:

We've already begun taking a rational look at what comes next for the georgia Bulldog football program now that Mark Richt is stepping aside as the head football coach. This, however, is the place for the other stuff. The place for you to vent your frustration, fears, joy, trepidation, and hope for the future. It's a safe space, so go ahead and let it out in here. But only in here. This is the carefully curated room for all your most basic feelings about the first Georgia football head coaching search in a decade and a half. Standard venting thread rules apply: keep the cursing to a dull roar, let's not f-bomb the place, nothing racist, sexist, or threatening to other commenters. If you find yourself thinking "this is over the line but I'm gonna do it anyway!!!" you probably know what's going to happen next. Otherwise, tell us how you feel.