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Just How Total Is Mark Richt's Ownership of Georgia Tech Football?

Mark Richt's decade and a half run through Georgia Tech football now yields some pretty impressive statistics.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

A Mark Richt-coached Georgia Bulldog team beat Georgia Tech in Bobby Dodd Stadium yesterday. That's not anything unusual. But the degree of dominance over the Jackets in the Richt era is unusual in a major college football rivalry. Mark Richt is 13-2 against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Let's put that in its proper historical context:

  • Mark Richt has as many wins in Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate as Tech coaches Bud Carson, Bill Fulcher, Pepper Rodgers, Bill Curry, Bobby Ross, Bill Lewis, George O'Leary, Chan Gailey, and Paul Johnson combined.
  • Mark Richt has 13 wins over Tech since 2001. Tech has 13 wins over UGA since 1969. The year man first walked on the moon.
  • Mark Richt now has more victories in Bobby Dodd Stadium over Tech (8) than Bobby Dodd had there over UGA (7). In 7 fewer seasons coaching.
  • Mark Richt would have to lose every matchup against Georgia Tech through 2027 to have a losing career record against the Jackets.
  • Mark Richt has never, ever lost back-to-back games to Georgia Tech. The last Yellow Jackets coach who could say the same regarding Georgia? Oliver Jones Huie. Huie coached only one season on the Flats, the 1903 campaign (during which Tech duly lost to Georgia, 38-0).

So feel free to call it a rivalry. Call it Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate. But if you're going to call Mark Richt, you might want to try him at that little place he keeps over on North Avenue. He's owned the place since 2001 and keeps it mainly for the sentimental value. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!