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Your Week 13 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Captain Jowls... He should probably lift those things up so one of his A/B/C/J/Y backs doesn't fall over them en route to being maimed by a Georgia player.

You know what? I'm happy.
You know what? I'm happy.
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Your Week 13 College Football TV Schedule >>>  CLICK HERE!!!

So the time has come, folks. Our last TV schedule post of the season.  While you may be asking yourself why there won't be a TV schedule next week, the answer is quite simple.  I care only about Georgia football.  Every other team should starve in a pile of their own feces and then be set on fire as a celebration of my hatred (metaphorically, of course).  As you may or may not have noticed, Georgia will not be involved in "Championship Week" next Saturday... presumably because Abraham Baldwin made some sort of unholy alliance with Satan and we're still being punished for it.  As such, these games do not exist to me and I will not acknowledge them. Also, this soul-sucking excuse for a season has pretty much taken away my will to write. Furthermore, I'm lazy.

I'm going to keep this short because 1) I'm at the beach and 2) This bottle of Patrón with the red crazy straw isn't going to drink itself.

Here are your most watchable viewing options:


Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions, 12:30 pm, FOX

I get that this isn't a college football game (although you could be forgiven for mistaking it for one with the way the Lions play sometimes).  Here's the thing: I'm a die-hard Detroit Lions fan.  I don't exactly know why but I assume God at some point decided that life just wasn't going to be difficult enough for me as a Georgia Bulldogs fan.  Its Thanksgiving, which means its time to gather around the table with friends/family, enjoy a good meal, reflect on that for which we are thankful, and so on.  As you do all of that, I invite you to join me in partaking in that most traditional of all Thanksgiving rituals, watching the Detroit Lions lose on Thanksgiving Day.

If you simply must watch actual college football, I guess I might suggest the Texas Tech Red Raiders @ Texas Longhorns (7:30, FS1)


Baylor Bears @ TCU Horned Frogs, 7:30 pm, ESPN

There are far more Friday games than we are used to here, but for my money this is the best.  It is likely to be a good game and you can revel in the fact that neither of these teams will be in the playoff after we heard all preseason that this game would decide one of those spots.


Georgia Bulldogs @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 12:00 pm, ESPN2

You know who loves the last weekend of November? Consumers with too much expendable income and the businesses planning to part them from said income with the promise of insane deals that are usually on products they couldn't get rid of to begin with.

But also... Mark freakin' Richt:

That is a glorious, beautiful picture.

Say what you will about Mark Richt (and I'm not exactly in his camp), but he has absolutely owned Georgia Tech. May that continue for as long as he calmly stalks the sidelines.


Alabama Crimson Tide @ Auburn Tigers, 3:30 pm, CBS

How long will it take for the Auburn fanbase to turn on Gus Malzahn? I'd argue many of them already have, but this probable blowout should do it.  At least Gene Chizik won a National Championship. #FireMalzahn #HireChizik


Florida State Seminoles @ Florida Gators, 7:30 pm, ESPN

Ole Miss Rebels @ Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 7:15 pm, ESPN2

Texas A&M Aggies @ LSU Tigers, 7:30 pm, SEC Network

Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ Stanford Cardinal, 7:30 pm, FOX

Take your pick.


Arizona State Sun Devils @ Cal Golden Bears, 10:00 pm, FS1

What would Saturday night be without a lackluster Pac-12 contest?

That's all for this week year folks. Until next time season...