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Bulldog Target Kyle Davis Commits To Auburn

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Whether they are willing to admit it or not, Georgia Bulldog fans have a lot to be thankful for on the day before Thanksgiving. This isn't one of them. This morning Kyle Davis, acclaimed by many sources as the top wide receiver in the class of 2016, announced via Twitter a commitment to Auburn over Georgia and Tennessee.

It's hard to spin this one as anything but a loss for the Bulldog staff. Davis, a senior at Atlanta's Archer High School, is a consensus top 50 player in the country and one of the top 3-4 prospects in the state of Georgia. He was in Athens as recently as last Saturday for the Georgia Southern game and has been a frequent visitor for quite some time. A full 76% of 247Sports crystal ball predictions had him spending the next 3 to 4 years there. That's a lot of folks putting their cash on the table. And while crystal ball predictions are not infallible, this one clearly came out of left field for a lot of folks.

However, the Bulldog coaching staff's recent raft of new wide receiver offers had begun to raise some questions about how confident they were in Davis's commitment. With two plus months until National Signing Day it might be premature to write Davis off just yet. But if Auburn's 6-5 season and the prospect of playing with Jacob Eason weren't enough currency to push Davis to Athens, it's hard to see what changes in the next few weeks.