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A Picture's Worth A Thousand Yards: Georgia/Georgia Southern.

Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

It's been a while, but I'm pleased to once again bring you some of the best photography from this weekend's Bulldog win over Georgia Southern, courtesy of our partners at USA Today Sports and Getty Images.

If you thought officials missed a face mask call on Sony Michel's first run of the night, you're correct. (Dale Zanine, USA Today)

Eagle QB Kevin Ellison breaks lose from Tim Kimbrough on the way to a first down in the second quarter.

(Dale Zanine, USA Today Sports)

Isaiah McKenzie carries the football like a loaf of bread during the second quarter. He did not actually fumble on this play. (Dale Zanine, USA Today Sports)

But he did on this one. (Dale Zanine, USA Today Sports)

Eagle tailback Matt Breida goes airborne toward the goal line over Aaron Davis. He would be marked out of bounds but Georgia Southern punched it in within seconds. (Daniel Shirley, Getty Images)

Georgia Southern QB Favian Upshaw tosses a late pitch to Breida while Jordan Jenkins plays his assignment. (Daniel Shirley, Getty Images)

Georgia Southern's Derek Keaton muffs a punt as Bulldog long snapper Nathan Theus closes in. (Dale Zanine, USA Today Sports)

The new top Dawg, Uga X, following Saturday night's collar ceremony. (Daniel Shirley, Getty Images)

Sony Michel streaks in for the game-winning touchdown. (Daniel Shirley, Getty Images)