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15 Thoughts is Hanging Tough Like a Loose Tooth

Georgia Southern gave the Dawgs all they could handle and then some on a beautiful night in Athens. In the end, the defense and Sony Michel saved us. We are who we know we are.

Game Winner.
Game Winner.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

In his post-game pressure, Mark Richt said Georgia Southern, "were what we thought they were."  Offensively, I wasn't the least bit surprised on how the Eagles performed.  Defensively, they were much better than I expected which proved to be quite unpleasant.  In the end, we survived - again - on Senior Night.

1.  After Georgia took the opening kickoff and drove 61 yards to score on an Isaiah McKenzie 23 yard jet-sweep to the left, did anyone feel like we were going to actually resemble an offense that was capable of going 61 yards in 7 plays for the duration of the game?  Yeah, me neither...

2.  I don't want to "dog" the offense anymore than has already been written, but our blitz pickup was about as bad as I've ever seen.  Ever.  Yeah, we moved some guys around and shuffled some things here 'n there, but in game #11 of the season there are still breakdowns in basic stuff that just shouldn't be happening.

3.  The scoop 'n score after iMac's fumble simply cannot happen next week in Atlanta.  We protected the ball extremely well last week at Auburn.  Last night was the opposite, with iMac's fumble and Malcolm Mitchell getting stripped as he was fighting for extra yardage.  Both of these plays were the result of excellent defensive hustle by GASO defenders.  Expect more defensive hustle next week in Atlanta by a team that probably hates us just a little bit more than the Eagles apparently do.

4.  The offense did have a few moments.  Sony Michel's touchdown in overtime demands its own post.  The kid out of Plantation, Florida played his butt off last night and has to be the Player of the Game.  Terry Godwin's touchdown catch was proof of how great a player this kid will become (provided we can actually, you know, get him the ball in the future).  Greyson Lambert's numbers weren't bad - 16/25 for 183 yards (1 TD) - but it is evident that he is, and has been, at his stasis point for weeks.

4aBrice Ramsey has a knack for kicking the ol' football, don't he?  (It's funny, but the auto-tag feature in our handy-dandy editor tool keeps trying to list him as a quarterback.  I need to talk to IT about this...)

5. We have some young offensive linemen playing now, and some big bodies waiting their turn next season.  I hope they develop sooner than later.  This, my friends, will be the key to 2016.

6.  Oh, and fire Schottenheimer.

7.  This was Jordan Jenkins' last home game and probably Leonard Floyd's, too.  Both of these guys played an incredible game - as did the entire defense for most of the night.  Jenkins and Floyd essentially took it upon themselves to shut-down Southern in the overtime.  The interior of the defensive line forced GASO to go wide, and both of these guys blew it up.

8. I love watching Jake Ganus hustle to the ball on every play, every down.  This kid never takes a play off.  I sincerely hope someone in the NFL gives this kid a shot.  He reminds me of a young Tedy Bruschi.

9.  Also, there is a tight end of the Eagles (#96, I think) who drew a "blocking below the waste" personal foul penalty when he successfully dove and took out Ganus' leg.  I have a thought or two on this:  This is targeting.  And he was blatantly trying to maim #51 in red.  I hate the triple option for this very type of  play (jeez...this thought might just deserve its own post) because the success of this type of offense is often predicated on successfully chopping or diving at defenders.  If I were King of the World, an automatic ejection and FULL GAME suspension would be the new rule for any offender who resorts to this kind of crap.  Helmet to helmet hits warrant the foul and punishment as it exists in the NCAA rulebook, but in most cases I do not believe any given defender is trying to ruin the potential career of another player.  It's often bang-bang (see.  Lorenzo Carter @ Vandy).  Anyway, rant over.  At least until next week when there's a strong possibility that we'll see this again.  Yes, there ought to be a rule.  /endrant.

10. What were the officials debating over the muffed punt?  The only thing I can come up with is that Willie "F-Bomb" Fritz was bitchin' about a Halo-Rule violation or something.  Holy smokes, man.  Malcolm Mitchell probably violated that rule when Mizzou fumbled a punt a few weeks ago.  This was, however, a fumble from the get-go.  End of story.

11. Some players were conspicuous by their absence.  Keith Marshall did not play, and that is a shame.  Big Trenton Thompson, to my knowledge, didn't get in to the game.

12.  Winning always beats the alternative.  I can't say I'm satisfied...just thankful...

13.  If we beat Tech next week - I don't care how we look while doing it - I'll be satisfied and thankful.

14.  Confession time:  I watched every minute of our game last night.  I watched the overtime between FAU and Florida (FAU should've had a first and goal on a PI not called in the end zone.  Pity), and Michigan State's game-winner vs. Urban Meyer's suddenly dysfunctional Buckeyes.  I don't think I have ever felt this disconnected to college football than I am at this very moment.  Am I alone in this?  Let me know how you feel because I'm worried I might need some better drugs.

15.  Wreck Tech.  That is all.

Until next always...GO DAWGS!