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More Of This Please: Let's Look At Sony's Winning Run

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I've been critical of the Georgia offensive line this season, which is not something I relish. Several of those guys have been dealing with injuries, and none of them are blocking for either Todd Gurley or Nick Chubb. Those guys have a way of making you look good.

But tonight I want to spotlight the Bulldog offensive line doing something right. Let's take a look at Sony Michel's game-winning touchdown run one more time.

It's nothing complicated. Simple tailback give to the left. There's no lead blocker or pulling guard or anything like that. But it's well-executed. The offensive line gets a hat on a hat just long enough. Note especially Hunter Long, playing out of position at center, getting up to the second level to seal off the linebacker and give Michel the chance to use his speed at the next level.

Gaping holes are great. But they're not always necessary. Sometimes a good back just needs a crease, and Michel got his crease on this play. What's largely been missing this season for the Bulldogs has been that one more block necessary to spring backs into the open. Some of it is execution. Some of it is rotten luck. But whatever the reason plays like this have been sorely lacking from the offense this season.