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Second Half Open Thread

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well, when you travel inside the opposition's side of the field four times and come away with seven points, you shouldn't expect to be sitting on a cushy lead. Georgia Southern got their option attack clicking in the second quarter to take a commanding lead in time of possession (with some help from blown assignments by Georgia defenders), Georgia's offense struggled to do anything consistently, and the Bulldogs are in line for a stern talking to from Mark Richt at the half.

On the bright side, the Bulldog defense is clearly fast enough to shut down the Southern attack, and the defensive front got good push. But Georgia Southern leads in total yardage at the half 161-151 and Brian Schottenheimer looks perilously close to doing Brian Schottenheimer things. Malcolm Mitchell's first quarter fumble looms large as well. If you're looking for a stat that explains the first half, I'd offer the Bulldog rushing line. The 'Dawgs carried it 14 times for 47 yards, 3.4 per attempt. Against the Eagle front that just flat out means the guys up front aren't getting it done again. That's unfortunate.

It's a little early to be panicking, but that time will get here before you know it if the Eagles are able to come out and march it down the field to start the second half. Buckle up, folks. Oh, and . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!