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Drankin' stories: Because BBQ, Oxford commas and Faulkner ain't saving us.

So, with that in mind, what's your favorite fall-down drunk story, Dawg fans? Why do I ask? Have you seen our offense? Read on...

Faulkner.  He could drink.
Faulkner. He could drink.
RC Industries

Now is the time to knock 'em back and give up your tall tales.  I don't want to hear about anyone getting hurt or the like.  Keep it slightly clean (unless, of course, you barfed on a Gator).  This season is in the tank.  Let's talk about your best story when you were tanked. Might as well talk about something funny because reading the interwebs has become downright depressing.

Here are (but some of)  the categories (H/T ingvy_malmsteen)

  • Inability to post bail
  • Destruction of public property
  • Strippers
  • Urgent Care Clinics/Infirmary
  • Who is this strange person in bed with me and how did I and/or we get here?
  • Krystal run! (a.k.a.  food hell)
  • Call to the parents
  • Close calls
  • 'Shrooms!
  • Relationship Destruction

What did I miss?

Try to keep it (at least semi) SFW, if you know what I mean.

Also, we've got a crack staff here at Dawg Sports and one of the best fact-checkers in the business.  So if you embellish a bit, just remember:  He/She was the same person who vetted Schotty.

You have been warned.  Have at it and, as always...