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Your Week 12 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Marty Schottenheimer... He's just as confused by Brian's shocking ability to continually fool people into hiring him as you are.

Hey guys! Who's getting fired in January?
Hey guys! Who's getting fired in January?
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Your Week 12 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE!!!

I'll be on the road this weekend on my annual journey to escape Thanksgiving with my in-laws. So while I drive 11  hours and then attempt to recover by sitting on the beach with a rather large bottle of tequila, I probably won't be watching much football.  I'll come to in time for the Georgia game, but that will be the extent of my viewing.  That said, there are some really quality games for your viewing pleasure.  Here they are:


East Carolina Pirates @ UCF Knights, 7:30 pm ESPN

Woohoo! I love the University of Eastern Carolina football program.  Every time Eastern Carolina State takes the field I get ready for some smash mouth action.  A few years back (while visiting several locations integral to the filming of Dawson's Creek), I had an opportunity to visit East Carolina A&T University. It was simply beautiful.  Unfortunately Eastern Carolina College and State University at Eastern Carolina will be visiting UCF. . But just remember players, when its all over, you get to return to The Eastern Carolina School of Mines.


Air Force Falcons @ Boise State Broncos, 9:30 pm ESPN2

Not a bad Mountain West matchup.  There are worse things than a potentially division-deciding contest.


Memphis Tigers @ Temple Owls, 12:00 pm ESPNU

This has the potential to be a very, very entertaining game.  Two coaches who are likely to be very hot commodities come the offseason should make for, at the least, a watchable game.  And that beats the pants off the typical Big 10 noon game crapfest.


Take your pick:

LSU Tigers @ Ole Miss Rebels, 3:30 pm CBS

Ohio State Buckeyes @ Michigan State Spartans, 3:30 pm ABC

USC Trojans @ Oregon Ducks, 3:30 pm ESPN

UCLA Bruins @ Utah Utes, 3:30 pm FOX

Lots of good games there... although obviously some of them have lost quite a bit of luster as the season has progressed.


Georgia Southern Eagles @ Georgia Bulldogs, 7:00 pm ESPNU

Look, I like Georgia Southern. I want them to be successful. I'm in the process of earning my Ed.S. degree there.  99% of the time, I want them to win.  This is the 1%.  If Georgia manages to somehow blow it and lose this game, don't bother looking for the TV schedule next week, because I'll quit the internet.  Also, flinging yourself off the roof and shattering both your arms makes it difficult to type.


Colorado Buffaloes @ Washington State Cougars, 10:45 pm ESPN


That's all for this week folks. Until next time...