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Georgia/Auburn First Half Open Thread: We Don't Really Care For Auburn

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, you knew this was coming eventually:

Sometimes it seems like the Georgia/Auburn rivalry features only two types of games: those in which one team is playing for something big (Auburn in 2010, Georgia in 2011, Georgia in 2012, Auburn in 2013 . . . .) , and those in which both teams are desperately trying to avoid something really bad. This is the latter. 5-4 Auburn has a tough road from here. Georgia is starting a three week stretch which will see it play its two oldest rivals. If the 'Dawgs finish this year by beating Auburn, Georgia Southern, and Tech a plausible argument could be made that the coaching staff and team have weathered a significant storm.

Lose any one of the remaining three contests however and there's really no positive way of spinning it. The last time Georgia went to the Plains with this kind of cloud over the Red and Black things turned out okay. Will the 'Dawgs be able to find a new Tra Battle this afternoon?

I hope so. Finding 30 or so offensive points wouldn't hurt either. But I have a feeling the team who wins this one will get some points from the defense or kicking game. And that worries me. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!