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Your Week 11 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Auburn University... everyone's favorite safety school.

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Your Week 11 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE!!!

During one of last weekend's threads, I said the following:

I'll be completely honest with y'all

I’m much more of a Georgia fan than a college football fan (maybe thats why I don’t believe in SEC pride…dunno). Every game I watch, I watch through the lens of how it impacts Georgia. When I watch an Oklahoma State game, for example, its always in the context of where they are ranked or performing related to Georgia. When I root for Missouri to win an SEC contest, its because of the impact it will have on Georgia’s position in the standings. I honestly don’t care how any other team performs or who wins a conference or national championship. I derive absolutely no pleasure from watching a team that isn’t Georgia succeed.

As such, I won't be watching any non-Georgia games for the rest of the season (I might watch Georgia Southern if they get to a bowl game). Georgia is out of it so I couldn’t care less what else happens.

But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the remainder of this awful, soul-crushing season. As such, here are some games to watch:


Virginia Tech Hokies @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 7:30 pm, ESPN

Come from the schadenfreude, stay for the horrifying realization that in just a couple of weeks we could lose to these Warcraft-playing, Zima-swilling, Renaissance Festival-attending, tricycle-racing goobers for the second year in a row.


USC Trojans @ Colorado Buffaloes, 9:30 pm, ESPN2

Don't waste your time.  The allure of major conference football on a Friday night may be high, but this will be an ugly, ugly football game.


Auburn Tigers @ Georgia Bulldogs, 12:00 pm, CBS

I honestly have no idea what to expect from this game.  I generally expect it to be bad, so we'll go with that.  But I also wouldn't be totally shocked if Georgia came out and played competent football (which, this year, is enough to beat Auburn).


Alabama Crimson Tide @ Mississippi State Bulldogs, 3:30 pm, CBS

This should be an interesting game.  Everyone seems to think Alabama is invincible since they beat LSU, but I'm not so sure.  I'm not gonna go out on a limb and predict a Bizarro Bulldog victory, but I've seen way too may late Fall games in which title contenders inexplicably lose to teams they should beat.  We'll see.


While one might be tempted to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks and LSU Tigers (or even the Oklahoma Sooners and Baylor Bears...

Memphis Tigers @ Houston Cougars, 7:00 pm, ESPN2

I think this has the potential to be a truly enjoyable game for fans not heavily invested in either team.  Once or twice a season it seems like there is a game that you have no business caring about but which ends up being awesome.  This seems like as good a candidate as any.


As you know I don't really care about Pac-12 football, so, what the heck, lets go with the one with the pirate.

Washington State Cougars @ UCLA Bruins, 10:45 pm, ESPN

(*Note to the editors of SBNation's Washington St. Community: If you name your site "Coug Center", I'm gonna enter with some expectations. Those expectations were not met.)

That's all for this week folks. Until next time...


*I will continue not to use rankings because any ranking that claims Notre Dame is one of the Top 4 teams in the country is absolute nonsense.  Notre Dame isn't even one of the Top 4 1-loss teams in the country. Here are some 1 loss teams: Oklahoma (SOS: 1), LSU (SOS: 9), Stanford (SOS: 12), UNC (SOS: 18), TCU (SOS:39), Alabama (SOS: 40), Florida (SOS:43).  Notre Dame? SOS: 53.  Sure their loss was to Clemson, but their wins are over a veritable smorgasbord of pillowy soft marshmallowy goodness.  The reason Notre Dame is ranked is because they are Notre Dame.  I know it, you know it, the committee knows it, and Notre Dame knows it.

And that's why we ignore rankings.  Even though Notre Dame will waltz into the playoff (where they will inevitably be dispatched in embarrassing fashion), that doesn't mean I have to promote these nonsensical rankings.