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Schottenheimer: Bauta's Start A Staff Decision, Lambert's Inconsistency An Issue.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Schottenheimer addressed the media after the game and if you're like me, it wasn't a very satisfying experience.

Schottenheimer cites Faton Bauta's ability to run the ball as a part of the decision to start the junior signal caller. Bauta then ran the ball 3 times for 4 yards. Head, meet desk. Also, citing Lambert's inconsistency as a reason to bench him doesn't exactly cast the Bauta era in a great light so far. Bauta was more inconsistent before halftime than Greyson Lambert usually is all day. Throwing as many interceptions (4) in one game as Hutson Mason threw in all of 2014 is a curious definition of "consistency."

Schottenheimer also sagely notes that he needs to "call better running plays", which was very diplomatically given that he could have said "we need to block like we got a pair."  I'm not sure who it was, but someone asked an excellent question about whether things might have turned out differently if Jay Rome hadn't dropped a wide open touchdown in the first quarter. Obviously if my Uncle Claude didn't have an Adam's apple he'd be my Aunt Claudette. But it is tempting to wonder whether the tone of the game might have changed a bit if Georgia had marched down and scored early. Alas, as Schottenheimer notes, everyone associated with the Bulldog offense has some reflection and self-examination to get done before next Saturday's contest against Kentucky. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!