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Schottenheimer: "I Didn't Call A Very Good Game."

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Schottenheimer this afternoon confirmed a sentiment that Murf and I shared earlier today: that Georgia went away from the running game last Saturday against Alabama a bit more than the game plan probably called for. Schottenheimer also allowed that there was no real discussion Saturday about inserting third string QB Faton Bauta.

Another point obvious on Saturday about the passing game: Greyson Lambert has to be willing to throw the ball into the tighter windows he'll see against elite SEC competition. It's possible that like Hutson Mason last season he'll eventually learn to "let it rip" and be fine. He has plenty of arm strength (or, as Schottenheimer puts it, "arm talent") to do just that. The good news for Bulldog fans is that if, like Mason, Lambert eventually learns not to hesitate and trust his reads he'll be back in 2016 to put that knowledge to good use. Until later. . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!