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Lambert Still The Starter Headed To Knoxville

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After Saturday night's disappointing loss to Alabama, Mark Richt listed the quarterback rotation as one of the things that the Bulldog coaching staff would have to re-evaluate. By Sunday evening's teleconference, he had softened his stance. Early in the call Richt still indicated that the QB situation remained among the things coaches still had to talk about. However, by the end he conceded, "Right now, it's going to be Lambert. It's going to be Lambert."

As noted earlier today that seems to make sense. Lambert's still the guy who was deadly accurate against South Carolina and Southern. Brice Ramsey is still the guy who's thrown the most interceptions per attempt of any QB on the roster. And Faton Bauta remains the guy mired in third place behind the both of them. While Lambert isn't perfect, he was aided in his performance by a Crimson Tide defense that did a great job in coverage, forced 2nd and 3rd & long situations, and rarely allowed either Bulldog QB to throw from a clean pocket. Lambert's not the best signal caller in the nation, and he's not the best Georgia's had under Mark Richt, but he's the best Mark Richt's got right now. And that's going to have to do. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!