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World's Largest Outdoor Second Half Open Thread

Does this blue background make my football look big?
Does this blue background make my football look big?
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Regardless of how you may feel about today's game at the half...we still aren't Florida, we're not wearing blue & orange, and it is actually still GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog!!

I don't know what's going to happen in the second half.  There's plenty of suggestion that we're done and given the current score, I can understand the sentiment.  But it's also possible, that we get the kinks worked out and develop a rhythm between Bauta and the receiving corp and come out blazing.  We do get the ball to start the half I think and our defense is getting a well-deserved and much needed breather here at halftime.  So let's sit back, take a deep breath and remember we're still the good and they are still the evil.

Now, pardon me while I go change up a few things at home in an effort to do my part to change the mojo round here.  See you after the break, until then.....

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!