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Early Games Open Thread: Watching Our Neighbors' Houses Burn While Hiding The Garden Hoses.

"Last one to sixty buys the beers."
"Last one to sixty buys the beers."
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

You could be forgiven for having the type of tunnel vision that prevents you from acknowledging that there are any college football games whatsoever today which don't kick off at 3:30 on CBS live from Jacksonville, Florida. If that's you, I like the focus. Keep it up.

If however you need something to hold your attention for the next six hours and haven't yet taken up cobra wrangling or fly tying, have we got just the thing for you: a slate of not totally unamusing college football games. As usual RedCrake has your full schedule for the day right here. But the early highlights are these:

  • Ole Miss at Auburn, noon (ESPN). Watching Auburn lose football games never gets old. While Georgia fans have certainly had some things to work through this season, it's worth noting that while we've been sorting through a 5-2 start the Tigers have been slipping further and further into a not-so-quiet desperation. Auburn is 1-5 in their last 6 SEC games. After this they have Texas A&M, Georgia, and Alabama left on the conference slate. In other words, Gus Malzahn is actually in genuine trouble here, and I intend to watch it.
  • South Carolina at Texas A&M, noon (SEC Network). Really I'm just watching so that I'll be able to understand how bizarre South Carolina fans' Twitter speculation about Kevin Sumlin as their next coach really is. The Aggies are trying to figure out a rough QB situation (join the club, right?) but it won't matter.
  • Syracuse at Florida State, noon (ABC). I actually have no idea why you would be watching this game, other than to find out if the Seminoles have recovered from their last second bee sting. Stick to the SEC schadenfreude.

We'll be back prior to kickoff in Jacksonville with the first half thread for the World's Largest Jim McElwain tooth-polishing party. Hey, if you're going to hire a new coach, he might as well look like Gary Bussey's slightly more stable brother. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!