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Georgia/Alabama 2nd Half Thread: It Only Feels Like We're Drownin'

Let's change the Mojo and change the game. If you're in the stadium GET LOUD and STAY LOUD. Our team needs us. ALL of us.

Do it for Herschel!
Do it for Herschel!
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Okay Georgia is down.  There's no denying it.  However this game ends, we will have a NSFW vent thread post-game.  So let's hope this is a mojo changing second half open comment thread.  We've got an injured player, and an anemic offense.  Bama's playing smash mouth football.  We're trying to keep up.  There's some bright moments.  Chubb & Michel are both doing everything they can.  Lambert at times looks like he's trying to push, pull & drag the team to the endzone.  To my ignorant eyes, it looks like our O line isn't winning the battle at the line.  We've got to do better in the second half.  We CAN turn the tide.  The first step is believing we can.

If we expect the team to keep fighting, we have to keep fighting.  Now, y'all do whatever you need to do to change the mojo and let's GATA!