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NSFW - Let It Bleed. Again.

It hurts. It hurts bad. I know it, you know it, Hairy & Que know it, the entire Bulldog Nation knows it.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that sucked. In perhaps a different way than that other time it sucked, but still. It's not something we haven't seen before, and it's probably nothing that we won't see you again. But the pain of losing another critical game on the national stage has probably driven some of you to the need to vent.  This is your official NSFW thread.  Let it out y'all.

The only thing we ask is that you not turn on each other.  Whether you are in favor of firing CMR/Schotty/Pruitt or not.  Just don't turn on each other.  Tomorrow is after all another day.

If there's a bright spot at's Chubb with his 13th Consecutive game with 100+ yards rushing.  #Chubb4Heisman

Not that you need it, but here's a little music to help you grieve: