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Second Half Open Comment Thread: We Can Do Better. I Hope.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Georgia limps to the locker room clinging to a 24-17 lead after playing a truly horrible half of unfocused, poorly-efforted football. Maybe part of it was the gruesome injury to Nick Chubb on the first play from scrimmage. Maybe it's the feared hangover from an emotional loss to Alabama. Either way, Georgia has missed over a dozen tackles, dropped at least two interceptions, allowed Tennessee to convert multiple fourth downs on the way to the end zone, and just generally played a brand of football that would get them beat against a team not intent on making just as many mistakes in return. Of course we saw the return of the patented late second quarter loss of focus we all remember so fondly from 2013. Fun times. Fun times.

If Georgia doesn't play better football in the second half this one could get really uncomfortable. And if they don't play better football in the ensuing weeks, there are at least two and perhaps as many as four losses looming on the schedule. We can do better.

This is normally where I would point out some interesting stats from the first half, but really the only useful ones are one block in the back that mercifully wasn't called on Reggie Davis's punt return for a touchdown and one Sony Michel, who Mark Richt is lucky to have in red and black right now. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs, or something.