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Early Games Open Comment Thread: The Bullies Are Out Early.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

It's another college football Saturday. Go ahead and finish that coffee, and prepare to enjoy the appetizers leading up to Georgia's 3:30 CBS kickoff against Tennessee in Knoxville. This is a weekend of illusions. There are games throughout the slate (including among these early contests) that objectively speaking should be good, nationally-important football games. But they're not. Prime example: Texas vs. Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry. For many years this one was a contest between a pair of top 10 ranked teams which often decided the Big XII title.

But Texas is bad, y'all. Like, "how long do we give Charlie Strong to clean up this mess???" bad. When this one kicks off at noon on ABC those watching will be doing so because they couldn't find a nature documentary in which a lion falls out of a tree onto helpless antelope again, and again, and again. This is a reasonable substitute.

There's also Baylor at Kansas on Fox Sports 1 for the aficionado of disaster. Will Baylor hit 70? I mean, by halftime? Again, a game that at one time would have been a competition between respectable squads fighting for bowl eligibility is actually televised violence that will likely grow tiresome quickly.

The lone SEC contest in this slot isn't any better, as Ole Miss hosts New Mexico State on SEC Network. The Rebels will again score 50+ points against a team that tells you nothing about how good Freeze's squad actually is. There, saved you 3 hours. You're welcome.

But still we watch. Who knows, one of these stinkers could actually turn into a good show. It happens. And besides, you have to do something between now and 3:30 right? Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!