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HNDawg's Introduction: Why I Love the Dawgs

Dawg Sports' newest editor gives you a brief intro and explains how he came to love the Dawgs.

Scott Cunningham

As the newest editor for Dawg Sports, I felt I should give you a brief introduction of who I am and why I love the Georgia Bulldogs.

Growing up, I liked the Dawgs and watched several games.  I can vividly remember Verron Haynes in the "Hobnail Boot" game, and my subsequent celebration that would’ve made Larry Munson proud.  However, my true passion during my youth was Michigan Wolverines football.

The first season I watched college football was 1997, when Michigan went undefeated and won the National Championship.  It was a great year in my house, but it was a terrible way to start one’s fan career, especially a UGA and Atlanta sports fan!

Despite being a Michigan fan since I could remember, I wanted to attend the school 90 minutes away from my home – the University of Georgia.  My senior year of high school saw this goal come to fruition.  Once that acceptance came to my inbox, my allegiance had officially swung to the Dawgs.

My love for Georgia football has grown every year since my first day in Athens as a freshman.  While there have been several disappointments since that first day in 2008 (see: Bama Blackout, 2010 season, Boise State, ’12 SEC Championship Game), I wouldn't trade being a Georgia fan for the world.

Knowshon’s hurdle.  17-9.  LSU in ’13. Witnessing these classic moments has provided memories for a lifetime, and I am thankful to have each one.

This past Saturday, Todd Gurley and the boys gave us all some more great moments and memories.  I am even more excited to be a Georgia fan this season, as something special is brewing in the Classic City.

I look forward to sharing more of my insights into Georgia football with you all, but even more so, I look forward to cheering on the Dawgs with all of you during this very exciting 2014 season.

Gooooooooo Dawgs!  Sic ‘em!!  Woof woof woof!!!