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Cocktail Thursday: Fightin' Nobodies Edition.

Scott Cunningham

If your Georgia Bulldogs find themselves coming off a monumental win to start the season, but are now cooling their heels with a bye week, you could probably use a drink. Allow me to help.

If you asked many Bulldog fan whether they would like to play the South Carolina Gamecocks two days from now or nine days from now, they would choose to strike while the iron is hot and the Ole Ball Coach is on a cold streak. Alas, such as not how her a lot. Instead, tonight we are hanging around watching the Arizona Wildcats take on UT-San Antonio. Obviously, this is not a game that's going to send the network ratings meters over the edge to 11 Spinal Tap-style. But it is college football and you'll probably get to see a shot of Larry Coker glowering at someone, and that's always worthwhile. If you have not followed the story, the program which poker has built in San Antonio since he left Coral Gables is actually quite extraordinary. Though, one could argue that there is no more fertile place to plant the seed of football than in the Lone Star State. Starting a college football program in East Texas is somewhat akin to starting a store in Athens that sells nothing but croakies and sundresses. Which is to say, there's a market there, and someone should be able to harness it.

Of course, you can always head over to CBS and watch some of this newfangled professional football I have heard so much about, as the Green Bay Packers visit the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. Or, you can use this space to discuss your particular drinking proclivities. In lieu of a specific game day cocktail (as we don't actually have a game this weekend), I invite you to share with the group any new beers, cocktails, mixed drinks, or other similar potent potables of which you have become aware and which you would like to share with the group. Think of it as a sort of group scouting meeting. Or as Houston Nutt would put it, "Just heppin'. People heppin' people."

So, enjoy your particular pigskin poison tonight, and let us in on your poison of choice in the comments. Until later...

Go Dawgs!!!