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A Redcoat's Eye View Of Sanford Stadium.


You've probably heard of GoPro, the company that makes small, lightweight cameras that can be mounted on virtually everything, from drones, to dogs, to Brice Ramsey.

Apparently this weekend a couple of enterprising Redcoats wondered what would happen if they secured one to a snare drum during the band's performance at the opener versus Clemson. The results are predictably cool, as you can see below.

A few of you staff members, regular readers, and commenters have been fortunate enough to see the view from the field of Sanford Stadium during a performance. If nothing else, this reinforces the fact that it's a big ole stadium that gets even bigger when you fill it with 92,746 people.

All in all, a pretty cool idea, executed brilliantly. Great job, folks. And . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!